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Your Project Could be Completed Within One Week!

Thursday, 18 August 2016  |  Admin

s stated on our Home Page, it is feasible for you to complete your whole project within one week of visiting our website!

Day 1 - Browse our website and choose a Sample Pack (before Midday). The sample order is processed by us straight away for afternoon despatch.

Day 2 - Receive the samples. Make your choice. Measure up.

Day 3 - Place your order with us online or by phone 0115 853 1983 (before Midday). We can help you work out the quantities. We pick and pack your order for afternoon despatch.

Day 4 - Receive your delivery (most arrive next working day although we cannot absolutely guarantee this, see Delivery and Returns

Day 5 - Complete your project.

Ok, now for the disclaimer! We are in the hands of third parties once the samples and goods leave our premises but the above is a perfectly reasonable timeline. Most samples do arrive next day. Most deliveries do arrive next day.