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Pick and Mix!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016  |  Admin

Have you ever thought about mixing colours and styles to get an even more varied look to your wall? You don't have to just order all the same style. You could mix and match most of our bricks together to get a fantastic looking wall. Eg. You might wish to mix various Cobbles together, which have the slightly rounder edges and corners caused by 'tumbling' during manufacture. Maybe throw in some Square Edge for a slightly contrasting edge style. For a darker mix order more Browns, for a lighter mix order more Creams, etc. 

So for example you might order and randomly mix the following (for 7 sq m) :
6 x 1/2 sq m Cobble Red (tumbled, rounder edges, red base colour)
 x 1/2 sq m Cobble Lavender (tumbled, rounder edges, slightly less red)
 x 1/2 sq m Square Edge Brown (squarer edges, adds variation and darkens the mix slightly)
1 x 1/2 sq m  Square Edge Cream (squarer edges, adds a random splash of lighter bricks)