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If in any doubt, call our friendly team on 0115 853 1983

Flat Tiles - All of our Flat Tiles are sold in ½ mtr² units. To find out how many tiles you need, work out the area you are covering in mtr² and add 10% on for cuts, mistakes etc. Multiply this figure by two and you will have the number of ½ mtr² units you need to order. Round it up to be on the safe side as there’s nothing worse than running out of materials in the middle of a project!

Example – A wall measures 3.6mtrs wide x 2.4mtrs high. This equals 8.64 mtr², add 10% (you can simply multiple this figure by 1.1) and this rounds to 9½ mtr². Multiply this by two and you get nineteen units to order.

Corner Tiles – Corner Tiles are sold in packs of ten. You will only need Corner Tiles for external corners, ie, the outside corners of a chimney breast. Any internal corners can be formed using Flat Tiles butted up to each other at right angles. Where you do need Corner Tiles, you will need twelve tiles per linear metre, but you can also take off some flat tiles from your calculations. See below.

Example – Our wall above includes a chimney breast and we have included the sides and front of the chimney breast in our measurements. We have already worked out that we need nineteen  ½ mtr² units of Flat Tiles. Now multiply the height of chimney breast by two (for both corners) and then multiply this figure by twelve for the number of corner tiles, 2.4 mtrs x 2 = 4.8 mtrs, 4.8 x 12 tiles = 57.6 tiles meaning you will need to order six packs of ten. Now, for every two packs of Corner Tiles, you can deduct a ½ mtr² unit of Flat Tiles. In this example therefore, we would deduct three units (Six corner packs, divided by two).

Your tile requirements for this project are sixteen ½ mtr²  units of Flat Tiles and ten packs of Corner Tiles.

Adhesives – We have a range of adhesives to suit every application, here we will try and help you make the correct choice.

Extreme Power Grab Adhesive – This is what’s known as a Hybrid Polymer Adhesive, it is in cartridge form and will suit almost all applications both interior and exterior, other than direct heat (it is resistant up to 150⁰C). Best suited to flat, even surfaces and performs perfectly on wet surfaces. Very quick, clean and easy to use.

Non-slip Tile Adhesive – A professional heavy duty tile adhesive in 5 and 10 litre tubs. Use it as you would any tile adhesive applying either to the wall or directly onto the back of the tile. Better when all surfaces are dry.

Rapid Setting Tile Adhesive – A powdered, cement based adhesive in 20kg sacks that needs mixing with water. Can be used as a thicker bed adhesive making it perfect on uneven surfaces both inside or out. Ideal for applications involving direct heat such as fireplace openings. Can be used on damp surfaces, but will take longer to set.

Rapid Setting Flexible Tile Adhesive – Identical properties to the standard Rapid Setting Tile Adhesive but with a degree of flexibility. Ideal for use any way that is subject to slight movement or vibration.

Pointing – We have three different Pointing Mortars for you to choose from. A standard Sand & Cement Bricklaying Mortar, an Off-White Pointing Mortar and darker Grey Pointing Mortar. All can be used with a trowel or with one of our Pointing Guns and should be chosen simply to achieve the look you require.

Tools & Accessories – We have put together a range of tools and accessories that you will find useful when installing the brick slips. We would highly recommend taking our special 10mm ‘T’ shaped brick spacers to help with your installation and a good quality, high powered applicator gun if using the Extreme Grab Adhesive. See our Fixing Accessories section for information on Trowels, Pointing Guns, and much, much more.



1. Panels.
2. Deep Fill Adhesive.
Calculating Areas and Quantities
We can help you if you call 0115 853 1980 but if you wish to work it out yourself follow these guidelines.
Simply multiply the area by 2 to calculate the quantity of 1/2 Square Metre boxes required. Eg. 10 square metres = 20 boxes. There are no corner tiles. Internal corners are made by butting the panels at 90 degrees, external corners are made by interlocking or mitring the panels at the corner.
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