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Our corner brick tiles match our flat brick tiles (brick slips) and are perfect for external corners. Corner brick tiles are for external corners only. Internal corners are made by butting flat tiles at 90 degrees.

We sell corners that correspond with most of our flat brick styles but not all of them. However, call us as we may be able to recommend a mix of corners that closely match. Note that some corners are sold in boxes of 10 and others as single corners. You will require approximately 12 tiles per linear metre. We can help you calculate quantities.
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Brown Smooth Single Corner

Brown Smooth Single Corner£3.25 (exc VAT)

Cobble Brown Corner (Box 10)

Cobble Brown Corner (Box 10)£43.55 (exc VAT)

Cobble Cream Corner (Box 10)

Cobble Cream Corner (Box 10)£43.55 (exc VAT)

Cobble Lavender Corner (Box 10)

Cobble Lavender Corner (Box 10)£43.55 (exc VAT)

Cobble Red Corner (Box 10)

Cobble Red Corner (Box 10)£43.55 (exc VAT)

Red Multi Dragwire Single Corner

Red Multi Dragwire Single Corner£3.25 (exc VAT)

Square Edge Brown Corner (Box 10)

Square Edge Brown Corner (Box 10)£32.50 (exc VAT)

Square Edge Cream Corner (Box 10)

Square Edge Cream Corner (Box 10)£32.50 (exc VAT)

Square Edge Lavender Corner (Box 10)

Square Edge Lavender Corner (Box 10)£32.50 (exc VAT)

Square Edge Red Corner (Box 10)

Square Edge Red Corner (Box 10)£32.50 (exc VAT)

Vintage Red Corner (Box 10)

Vintage Red Corner (Box 10)£43.55 (exc VAT)

Vintage Yellow Corner (Box 10)

Vintage Yellow Corner (Box 10)£43.55 (exc VAT)

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Page 1 of 1:    12 Items