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"...all perfect thank you. The product and the service has been second to none! Worth every penny in getting it transported all the way over here!"
- Mr Gracia, Gibraltar

"My Wife and I are absolutely delighted with our new, very effective wall made from slimbrick tiles which has transformed the rather bare existing walls in our converted barn. The help and advice we received and speedy next day delivery from Tiletec made the building of our wall with slimbricks very easy and straightforward. The whole building process for a wall 5m long by 2.5m high, took 2 days"
- Mr Deacon, Notts

"Tile Tec had an excellent range of products at fantastic prices. Ordering from the web site was easy and delivery was within a few days of order. The tiles and adhesive are easy to use - even for any amateur! We are highly delighted with the finished effect."
- S Clayton, Yorkshire

“These Old Red Stock Slimbricks were the ideal solution for a limited size of fireplace opening. They are an excellent product, easy to install and were backed up by a very helpful sales team who provided excellent service with prompt delivery. I would highly recommend this product and the supplying company.”
- Chris Brown. Hertfordshire.

"It was a real challenge to to put everything right. The most important was a exact lining of bricks as I wanted them to look "perfectly lined". The project took a bit more then I have expected. Bricks were attached to 9mm plywood (that was screwed to the wall prior to start to burden the weight of them) with the recommended adhesive (on your website). I have used mixture of white and grey grout as white was to light and grey to dark. I have used ducked tape when grouting to prevent staining of the bricks."
- Mr Filipowski, Sussex

"We approached Tile Tec in mid July as we were thinking of having our chimney breast brick faced. They sent us two sample "Slimbricks" which arrived within a couple of days. The "Slimbricks" were far more realistic than we had received from other manufactures / suppliers. I contacted Tile Tec by phone to place my order and found the gent on the phone extremely helpful. The order was placed and delivered on the day specified.
"I found all of my dealings with Tiletec smooth and efficient. Shame I don't need more "Slimbricks"! However I will have no problem recommending Tile Tec and "Slimbricks" to anyone."
- Mr Brown, North Yorks

"Hi, I have attached a pic of our fireplace using your Flat Brick Tiles. Using your tiles proved to be time saving, cost effective and the end result is fantastic."
- Mr Lavery, Belfast

"fantastic product , used a cement tile board and bricks set well ! Point with a white cement that really sets of the antique look we wanted ! Already making plans to use this product again when we decorate the front room " 
- Mr Sharp, Lincolnshire

"Kitchen wall still makes me smile when I see it & it's admired. Thanks for your help with my project. Chimney breast next! 
- Ms Ramsay, Cheshire

"To whom it may concern,
Very pleased with the overall service and the tiles have a very authentic look."

- Mr and Mrs McGarry, West Yorkshire.

"Please find attached 3 images using your Flat Brick tiles.The main reason for purchasing the tiles was to cover the bedroom chimney. This was originally just a breeze block chimney breast from the fireplace in the lounge below. The chimney breast , because it was unsightly , was covered in plaster board and hidden inside built in wardrobes. We discovered the chimney breast when demolishing the old wardrobes and thought it would make a great feature in the bedroom. We are delighted with the result as it not only brings a great feature to the room but looks like it is original – we have had great comments from everyone who has seen it. The second job was to put a backdrop behind the new wood burner we had put into our small snug. It complements the iron chimney and brings character to the room.The 3rd job was unplanned and unexpected. We had a box of bricks left and wondered what to do with them. We had purchased ceramic tiles to put into the feature chimney surrounding the Aga in the kitchen and it was our daughter who suggested we try the bricks first. We are so glad we did because the look fantastic. Much better than the ceramics would have looked and again the comments from all who have seen them have been fantastic. 3 very different jobs – 3 very different looks – all with the same bricks. We will recommend these to everyone who is looking to add feature or character to their rooms."

- Mr Crook, Shropshire.

"Fantastic product, used a cement tile board and bricks set well ! Point with a white cement that really sets of the antique look we wanted ! Already making plans to use this product again when we decorate the front room." 
- Mr Sharp, Lincolnshire

"Ordered some of your cobbled 'bricks'. I wish to thank you for your excellent service and product. The bricks arrived very quickly, in good condition and the final effect {chimney breast} is superb. We are highly delighted with the final product and it has made our room. I originally researched and tried to source an appropriate product but was constantly pointed towards mainland Europe products. How ironic that my final choice was to source the best product I found was from my home City. Nottingham." 
- Mr Smales, Cornwall

"I had a problem with an excessively slippery flagstone patio I laid back in 1995. When wet it was quite dangerous and I made many attempts to make it non-slip, including painting with specialist (expensive) non-slip paint. Because our planting is of a cottage garden atmosphere I felt that replacing the flags with brick would be appropriate. I knew of the use of brick facing slips in France but had never seen them for sale in Britain. I did a lot of online research into whether a slip would take foot traffic externally and if my ideas were feasible and found the Feature Wall and Floor Company. They were very helpful with my initial, naive, enquiries and found that it was possible. I then proceeded to compare products and prices. I ended up with 3 quotes and quickly realised that it wasn't going to be a cheap job. Feature were by far and away the best, offering bulk discount and free delivery plus the product was handmade and superior ( I sent off for 2 free samples). I ordered 50 boxes (1500 tiles Old Red Stock ) midday on the 7th November and was absolutely amazed to receive a sealed palletized load at 11.45 on the 8th!! Taking advice I emptied 4 boxes at a time randomizing them and checking for any anomalies. I'd decided to use a rapid set, flexible mortar laid over the flagstones, levelling the overall patio as I got to each section, normally 1 - 2 metres at a time. Contrary to advice I didn't use lines or levels, laying the herringbone pattern by eye and experience alone. My wife didn't want a "perfect" result as it would have opposed the cottage - style planting. I am very happy with the outcome. I decide to finish off with a 'grout' of sharp sand just brushed in and only time will tell if that is a mistake, but I'm flexible with having to apply alternatives. We are extremely happy with the finished patio and the 50 boxes was just enough although we could have doubled that and done the rest of the garden but that may be for the future as I've had to endure the awful West Country soggy weather over the last 6 weeks. The bricks were obviously handmade, never uniform, but in our situation were perfect. I am available for further comment or photographs on e-mail request.: 
- Mr Holton, Devon

Just placed the new order for 14 brown flat. Thanxx very much. I have to tell you that i am amazed by your excellent customer service!! Very quick !! Regards Valery" 
- Valery Rouet, London

"My idea was to cut away garage wall bricks neatly and insert glass wall blocks. Unfortunately the bricks shattered and became a mess. I decided to cut away the rough bricks to form a recess frame around the damaged area of the windows about 25mm deep. My pointing as always been something that as let me down by getting more mortar on the bricks than the gap. I chose smooth tiles from Tile Tec over the internet because I thought I would be able to wash and wipe off the surplus. I received the tiles and the glue the next day which was a nice surprise. The tiles cut very easy, the glue mixed perfect and adhered the tiles allowing the tiles to be positioned how you wanted. After completing each frame I wiped off the pointing. It worked I am pleased about that. It turned a poor job into something I am quite proud of. All the best Terry." 
- Mr O'Hara, Yorkshire

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