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Frequent Questions

  • What do I need to buy?

A complete package would be: flat tiles (and corner tiles if needed for external corners), adhesive and pointing mortar, plus tools and spacers. Remember to check your quantities. Please call us on 0115 853 1983 if you require any further advice.

  • Do you have a showroom?

I am sorry, we do not have a showroom, but we do have a Trade Counter at our premises here in Nottingham. We are open Monday-Friday 9am until 4pm. You are welcome to come to the Trade Counter and our staff will show you the various types of brick and slate that we do. Address: Private Road No 2, Colwick Industrial Estate, Nottingham, NG4 2JR (use for Sat Nav too). It is essential that you call us first please on 0845 217 2880.

  • Can I view the bricks in situ anywhere nearby?

Unfortunately we do not have any satellite offices, nor any formal reference sites for viewing. You may of course order a sample, or visit our Trade Counter. If you are lucky enough to have a Kiehl's Cosmetics store nearby you may be able to see our bricks in-situ, as they have been installed in some of their stores.

  • Do you fit the bricks?

We do not fit the bricks as we are sales only but they can be fitted by anyone with basic tiling skills.

  • Why do the bricks I received look darker than or different to the sample you sent me?

This is usually when the bricks arrive wet. The bricks do dry considerably lighter. We suggest you lay the bricks out at room temperature for at least one week. You will then see that the bricks will match the sample when dry. In some brick ‘styles’ the bricks vary considerably in colour, even within a box, but this is deliberate because when they are mixed randomly on your wall they look superb. This does mean however, that you should allow for some colour variation from the sample you receive. We try to show the mix of colours on the website images. You may visit our premises to actually view the bricks (and purchase if you wish). Please note we don't have a showroom and we would prefer you to call us first to make arrangements and ensure we have the stock you require. There are occasionally slight colour variations between brick batches because the same brick can be fired slightly differently, or be made from slightly different clay, etc.

  • Can Slimbricks ™ be used outside?

Slimbricks ™ can be used outside with no problems. Like real bricks, the main threat to a brick outside is frost. Slimbricks ™ have been freeze/thaw frost tested to BS EN 772-22 and classed as 'Suitable for conditions of extreme exposure'. You will need to use a Cement based adhesive suitable for external use such as Quickfix or Rapidflex.

  • How are the brick tiles packaged?

We sell in multiples of half a square metre. These are packed into cartons of varying sizes, usually around 30 to 45 tiles per box so the individual cartons can be handled but please take care because of the weight.

  • Can Slimbricks ™ be used on the floor?

Our brick tiles can be used as flooring, they may need to be sealed.

  • Can Slimbricks ™ be used near direct heat, for example a fireplace chamber?

Slimbricks ™ are perfect for use in this situation. They are 100% non-flammable. You will however need to use a heat proof adhesive such as our Quickfix or Rapidflex.

  • Can Slimbricks ™ be used in a Kitchen or Bathroom?

For use in these rooms it is recommended that Slimbricks ™ are sealed with a brick/stone sealer, available from DIY stores. Test the product first though as the bricks may change colour through the use of such a product.

  • Can I stick Slimbricks ™ to the wall with Sand & Cement?

No, Sand & Cement is not sticky enough to be used as a tile adhesive. You can use Sand & Cement to point the brick tiles.

  • How can I cut Slimbricks ™ ?

The best method for cutting Slimbricks ™ is with an electric, wet tile cutter. Please make sure the blade can cut about 25mm deep or you will have to cut each tile twice!

  • Can I stick Slimbricks ™ to plasterboard or fresh plaster?

This is fine, although as with all porous surfaces we would recommend sealing the wall with a watered down PVA solution.

  • Do Slimbricks ™ come in ready made panels?

No sorry. Slimbricks ™ are supplied as loose tiles. If you are looking for a ready made panel please take a look at Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any queries on 0845 217 2880 (local call rate).

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