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Extreme Power Grab Adhesive - White - 300ml Cartridge

Extreme Power Grab Adhesive - White - 300ml Cartridge

Generally we would recommend two tubes per square metre on a flat surface.

Our Price:  £4.95(Exc. 20% VAT)(£5.94 Inc. VAT)

Brand:  Slimbrick
Product Type:  Adhesive
Suitability:  Interior and Exterior
Accessories Used For:  Brick Tiles and Corners



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Clean, no fuss adhesive! For brick slips, this adhesive can be used inside and out, stays permanently flexible, has no smell, does not require the substrate to be primed, can be applied to both wet surfaces and wet products and is non-staining on porous surfaces like slate and stone.

Use with our Easiflow Applicator Gun

Coverage – using three spots of adhesive on each brick slip, the coverage is approximately 2 tubes per square metre.

This can be used for fixing ‘wet’ brick slips without the need to dry them first. Can be used on virtually every surface, block work, plasterboard, plywood etc. It stays permanently flexible it can be used anywhere where the substrate is subject to flexing or vibration.

Not suitable for fires where direct heat is involved.


1. Flat brick tiles.
2. Corner tiles, if appropriate but only for external corners (internal corners are made by butting the flat tiles at 90 degrees).
3. Adhesive. Make sure you choose the right one from the descriptions. Eg. if heat is involved, or the wall is outside then a cement-based adhesive is essential.
4. Pointing Mortar.
5. Bags of spacers as required.


We can help you if you call 0115 853 1983 but if you wish to work it out yourself follow these guidelines.
First calculate your entire area to be covered in square metres. We then recommend you add at least 10% for wastage and breakages.
Then measure the linear length of any external corners, if any, then:
a. Multiply the area by 2 to calculate the quantity of 1/2 Square Metres required. Eg. For 4 square meters buy 8 x 1/2 metres of flat tiles.
b. For external corners you will need to buy 12 corner tiles for each linear metre. Eg. for 3 Linear metres you require 36 tiles.
c. If using corner tiles, for each 20 corner tiles subtract 1/2 sqm flat tiles. Eg. for 5 linear meters of corners, which is 60 tiles, you would subtract 3  x 1/2 sqm  flat tiles.
Adhesives and Mortar
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